Susie Tompkins of Earth-2

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Susie Tompkins of Earth-2

The Earth-2 counterpart of Lois Lane's fibbing niece. [see Susie Tompkins]

In June 1977 (Act No. 484: "Superman Takes a Wife!"), Susie Tompkins appears at the wedding of the Earth-2 Superman and Lois Lane as a flower girl. In this tale, it is revealed that Susie's mother is Lucille Tompkins, the married Lucy Lane of Earth-2.

In January/February 1980, Susie begins to win prize money as a member of the Junior Liars Club, impressing her aunt and uncle, Lois and Clark. However, when invisible aliens become stranded in Metropolis Park Lake and only Susie can communicate with them, she must convince Lois and the Superman of Earth-2 to help before the aliens' vessel explodes, "destroying a large portion" of Metropolis. Using all her skills, Susie helps Superman save the day, much to the chagrin of her aunt (SF No. 199/2: "Susie's Flying Saucer!").

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