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Lucy Lane

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The daughter of Sam and Ella Lane, and the younger sister of Lois Lane (SPJO No. 36/2, Apr 1959: "Lois Lane's Sister!"; and others). A onetime airline stewardess (SF No. 172, Aug/Sep 1975; and others), Lucy, a lovely blonde, has on occasion shared an apartment in Metropolis with her sister Lois Lane (S No. 142/1, Jan 1961: "Lois Lane's Secret Helper!"; and others) and has been romantically linked with Jimmy Olsen (S No. 147/1, Aug 1961: "The Great Mento!"; and others). (TGSB)

Jimmy and Lucy fall in love unbeknownst to each other when they are both undercover and disguised as Magi the magician and Sandra, an English starlet.

For a time, Lucy Lane is believed dead, causing Lois to quit her job in grief (SGLL No. 120/1, Mar 1972: "Who Killed Lucy Lane?"). She returns as the old woman "Lena Lawrence", initially aged by a jungle virus but later regaining her youth (SPJO No. 160/2, Oct 1973: "The Shadow from the Grave!"). It is revealed that Lucy was, in fact, acting as a secret government operative in a campaign against the 100.

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