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Justice League of America

The JLA. Art by George Perez from Justice League of America No. 195, 1981. Top row (l-r): Superman, Wonder Woman, Red Tornado, Batman. Middle row (l-r): Martian Manhunter, The Flash, Zatanna, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Firestorm. Bottom row (l-r): The Atom, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Green Lantern, Elongated Man (stretching), Snapper Carr.

A super-team comprised of the world's greatest super heroes, banded together to fight some of the most dire threats to Earth and the galaxy, the Justice League of America's deeds are chronicled in great numbers outside those of Superman (first appearance: The Brave and the Bold No. 28, Feb/Mar 1960: "Starro the Conqueror").

Superman becomes one of the League's charter members when several heroes come together to battle an invasion of Earth by the Appelaxians, a group of aliens who planned to use and devastate the Earth as a battleground to determine who would become the new leader of their native world. After defeating the aliens both individually and as a group, the heroes, including Superman, decided to formally found the Justice League (Justice League of America No. 9, Feb 1962: "The Origin of the Justice League!").

In November 1961, in order to deliver a Red Kryptonite antidote to Superman who lays dying of Green Kryptonite poisoning at the North Pole, Lois Lane pretends to interview several members of the Justice League on the subject of kissing. By secretly transferring the Red K to Batman, Aquaman, and Green Arrow through her lipstick while simultaneously alerting the heroes to Superman's plight, Lois is able to deliver the antidote to Superman without alerting the aliens who have poisoned him (SGLL No. 29/3: "The Irresistible Lois Lane").

In July 1971, Superman encounters tiny clones of the JLA, created by Simyan and Mokkari, two servants of Darkseid. The JLA clones apply a chemical to Lois Lane's lips that temporarily drives Superman into a frenzy when he kisses Lois (SGLL No. 111/1: "The Dark Side of the Justice League!").

In addition to participating in battles and investigations, members of the League are obliged to perform monitor duty on a rotating schedule at the team's headquarter's communications room in order to receive and respond to any calls for help (DCCP No. 26, Oct 1980: "Between Friend and Foe!").

The JLA frequently joins forces with the Justice Society of America, a team of superheroes from the parallel earth known as Earth-2 (Justice League of America No. 21, Aug 1963: "Crisis on Earth-One!"; Justice League of America No. 22, Sep 1963: "Crisis on Earth-Two!"; and others).

The Members of the Justice League of America

Founding Members:

Later Members:

Justice League of America appearances in the Superman Chronicles

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  • (SG2 No. 20 , Jun 1984: "Celebration")

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