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Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

After test pilot Hal Jordan is summoned to the side of a dying alien, he assumes the alien's role as protector of Earth and of sector 2814, the sector of the galaxy which contains Earth (Showcase No. 22, Sep/Oct 1959: "SOS Green Lantern").

Hal's power, and that of each member of the 3,600-member interstellar Green Lantern Corps to which he belongs, is expressed through a power ring. The ring must be recharged by a power battery at least once every 24 hours and cannot directly affect anything colored yellow. Superman has a deep respect for the might of this weapon and it can even be used against him. For instance, the ring has the ability to create Green Kryptonite that can incapacitate Superman, although maintaining this effect requires concentration (DCCP No. 26, Oct 1980: "Between Friend and Foe!").

As a founding member of the Justice League of America, Green Lantern has teamed with Superman many times.

(See also Green Lantern of Earth-2)

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) appearances in the Chronicles

  • SGLL No. 74, May 1967: "Superman's Unbeatable Rival"
  • Act No. 350/2, May 1967: "The Anti-Supergirl Plot"
  • S No. 199, Aug 1967: "Superman's Race with the Flash"
  • Act No. 365, Jul 1968: "Superman's Funeral"
  • Act No. 366, Aug 1968: "Substitute Superman"
  • WF No. 189, Nov 1969: "The Man with Superman's Heart"
  • WF No. 201, Mar 1971: "A Prize of Peril"
  • SPJO No. 151, Jul 1972: "Attack of the Locust Creatures"
  • Adv No. 423, Sep 1972: "Treachery"
  • SGLL No. 128, Dec 1972: "Death Waits to Kiss the Bride"
  • Act No. 29, Nov 1973: "The Man Who Wrote Superman's Obituary"
  • SG No. 8, Nov 1973: "A Head-Full of Snakes"
  • Act No. 437, Jul 1974: "Magic Is Bustin' Out All Over"
  • Act No. 443/1, Jan 1975: "At Last! Clark Kent--Superhero!"
  • Act No. 444/1, Feb 1975: "Beware the Hero-Killers!"
  • SF No. 171/1, Jun/Jul 1975: "Cleopatra, Queen of America"
  • SF No. 172/1, Aug/Sep 1975: "The Cheat the Whole World Cheered"
  • Act No. 470, Apr 1977: "Even a Superman Must Die Sometime"
  • Act No. 473, Jul 1977: "The Great Phantom Peril"
  • S No. 311, May 1977: "Plague of Antibiotic Man"
  • S No. 312, Jun 1977: "Today the City, Tomorrow the World"
  • S No. 314, Aug 1977: "Before This Night Is Over, Superman Will Kill"
  • WF No. 246, Aug/Sep 1977: "The Prisoner of the Kryptonite Asteroid"
  • Act No. 480, Feb 1978: "Amazo's Big Breakthrough"
  • Act No. 481, Mar 1978: "It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Supermobile"
  • Act No. 483, May 1978: "Sleep No More"
  • Act No. 489, Nov 1978: "Krypton Dies Again"
  • DCCP No. 6, Feb 1979: "The Fantastic Fall of Green Lantern"
  • DCCP No. 26/1, Oct 1980: "Between Friend and Foe"
  • S No. 352, Oct 1980: "Superman's Day of Destiny"
  • NSB No. 13, Jan 1981: "Superboy's Wild Weekend Out West" (as a teenaged Hal Jordan only)
  • S No. 367, Jan 1982: "The Revengers Strike Back"
  • DCCP No. 43, Mar 1982: "In Final Battle"
  • WF No. 300, Feb 1984: "A Tale of Two Worlds" or, "Planets in Peril"
  • WF No. 302, Apr 1984: "No Rest for Heroes"

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