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The Jimmy Olsen Fan Club


A club formed by fans of Superman's pal Jimmy Olsen. The club meets monthly (Act No. 286/1, Mar 1962: "The Jury of Super-Enemies!") and is headquartered in the Jimmy Olsen Fan Club Building in Metropolis (Act No. 320/1, Jan 1965: "The Three Super-Enemies").

In March 1962, while waiting to be introduced as that month's scheduled guest speaker, Superman falls asleep on the speaker's platform at the Jimmy Olsen Fan Club and has a horrible nightmare induced by his recent exposure to Red Kryptonite (Act No. 286/1: "The Jury of Super-Enemies!").

When Metropolis television station WMET-TV inaugurates its new "Our American Heroes" series with a program honoring Superman, "our greatest American hero," members of the Jimmy Olsen Fan Club appear on the show along with Superman's other friends and admirers to help pay tribute to the Man of Steel (Act No. 309/1, Feb 1964: "The Superman Super-Spectacular!").

When, as part of his elaborate plan to avert global panic by concealing the impending invasion of Earth by a robot-manned space fleet from the planet Bxpa, Superman pretends that he has become a power-hungry tyrant bent on ruling the Earth, the members of the Jimmy Olsen Fan Club gather up Jimmy Olsen's collection of Superman memorabilia housed in their clubhouse and burn it in a bonfire in the street outside. "Out with this junk and burn it!" cries one member. "We don't want to be identified with tyrants!" (Act No. 312/1, May 1964: "King Superman versus Clark Kent, Metallo").

In October 1964, after having been deprived of his superpowers by the baleful radiations of a mysterious green comet, Superman introduces his pal Jimmy Olsen to Ar-Val, the so called "new Superman" at the Jimmy Olsen Fan Club headquarters (S No. 172: pts. I-III—"New Superman!"; "Clark Kent—Former Superman!"; "The Struggle of the Two Supermen!"). (TGSB)

Not to be confused with the Jimmy Olsen Club.

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