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Superwoman (Kristin Wells)

See also: Superwoman (Lois Lane)

Kristin Wells is a journalism student from the year 2857. She is a redheaded descendant of Jimmy Olsen, and for her senior thesis she travels back in time to discover the origins of the holiday Miracle Monday, which was only known to be connected to Superman. After finding out what she wants to know (and getting more than she bargained for) she returns to the future. (MM)

After her return, Kristin becomes a professor and begins to research the identity of the last unknown superhero from the 20th century, Superwoman. In the process of researching her origin, Kristin seeks permission to travel back in time again to Superwoman's first appearance. Once she arrives, she realizes that she herself was Superwoman, and dons a costume based on that of Superman (DCCPA No. 2, 1983: "The Last Secret Identity").

Wells next returns from the 29th Century, in 1985, for a visit with Superman. She ends up losing much of her memory and winds up at a Luthorcon where Superman finds himself a guest (DCCPA No. 4, 1985: "Welcome to Luthorcon III").

On September 1986, in an imaginary story, Superwoman is seen as one of the many heroes attempting to break the giant force-field bubble created by Brainiac which surrounds the Fortress of Solitude. Ultimately, Kristin Wells and the other heroes do in fact manage to break through the bubble but not before Superman exposes himself to Gold Kryptonite (Act No. 583, Sep 1986: "Whatever Happened To The Man of Tomorrow?").

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