Superboy Robot-6

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Superboy Robot-6

from Superman #284

Superboy Robot-6 ("SR-6") is one of the Superboy Robots who alone survives an incident when Superman flies the robots from his youth into the sun upon leaving for college. "SR-6" has a highly developed sense of Superman's code against killing and takes it on itself -- to the point where it believes what Superman is doing is morally wrong. "SR-6" returns to Smallville, enhances its abilities and powers, and becomes a secret protector of the town against crime. Investigating this mysterious "guardian", Superman is forced to fight the robot and later convinces it that it has accidentally killed Police Chief Parker. Honoring the code against killing, Superboy Robot-6 destroys itself for breaking the rule (S No. 284, Feb 1975: "The Secret Guardian of Smallville!").

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