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A criminal organization that originally operates solely in Metropolis, comprised of a loosely organized group of common criminals who band together in an effort to compete with another of the city's organized crime group known as the 100.

The Skull organization remains intact until Dr. Albert Michaels of S.T.A.R. Labs begins working for the group and turns over discoveries and technologies made by S.T.A.R. Laboratories As part of the organization, Michaels recruits other brilliant scientists into the syndicate, though none are as brilliant as he. During this time, the Skull organization is responsible for transforming Roger Corben into the second Metallo (see Metallo (Roger Corben)).

The organization is responsible for numerous crimes in and around Metropolis, and is put out of business time and again by Superman. Eventually, Dr. Michaels, in the super-powered identity of the Atomic Skull, leaves Skull to work solo, and the group disbands. The group later reorganizes (by persons unknown) with the intent to branch across the country. Each of these branches has a separate specialty, such as space and nuclear research near Houston and importing/exporting along the Florida coast (first appearance: S No. 301, Jul 1976: "Solomon Grundy Wins on a Monday!").

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