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Regor meets Superman from Superman No. 58

The "super-champion" of the planet Uuz, an "invincible opponent" of evil, clad in a red and green costume with white fur trim, a green cape and boots, a yellow belt, and a green letter "R" on a yellow field emblazoned on his chest. Regor battles crime on the planet Uuz, just like Superman battles crime on the planet Earth.

In his everyday, identity, Regor is Winki Lamm, a mild mannered television interviewer, but in reality, just like Superman is an orphan from the planet Krypton, Regor is an orphan from the planet Earth! Regor was the son of a "famous rocket scientist" James Flint who, while Regor was still an infant, fired him into space in a model rocket when his secluded island laboratory sank into the sea in the throes of a mighty volcanic eruption. On the planet Uuz, where gravity is "far weaker than that of Earth" and where the buildings and automobiles are made out of glass, a substance opaque to the eyes of ordinary Uuzians, Regor possesses super-human powers similar, although not identical to those of Superman of Earth.

When an Uuzian "master of crime" named Bantor hatches a scheme to hijack large numbers of the "personal heaters" which Uuzians use to survive the rigors of their planet's frigid environment, Superman helps Regor recover the heaters and bring Bantor and his henchmen to justice (S No. 58, May-Jun 1949: "The Case of the Second Superman!").

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