Red-Gold Kryptonite

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A Red-Gold Kryptonite meteor

Red-Gold Kryptonite

Red-Gold Kryptonite is formed when Gold and Red Kryptonite fuse together into an alloy.

Exposure to the weird amalgamation causes Superman to be afflicted with temporary amnesia but his super-powers are unaffected.

In July 1965, Superman encounters a Red-Gold meteorite that has sank into the Atlantic Ocean while he is rescuing two cable repair divers that have become entangled with a whale. After losing consciousness, Superman has no memory of his identity and is thought dead after a diver thinks he witnesses a loss pf super-powers.. Later, while walking back to the Daily Planet, a truck collision causes contact with hi-tension cables and the Man of Steel's memory returns. (S 178, Jul 1965: "When Superman Lost His Memory!")

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