Lex Luthor, Jr.

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Lex Luthor, Jr.

Lex, Jr. with his parents. Art by Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson, 1983.

Infant son of Lex Luthor and his wife, Ardora.

Following a tremendous battle with Superman, Lex Luthor escapes into space and heads to the one world where he is seen as a hero: Lexor. There he is joyfully greeted by the Lexorians, particularly his wife Ardora who has a surprise for him. Since his last visit to the alien world, Ardora has given birth to his son, Lex Luthor, Jr. A short time later, during a subsequent battle with Superman, the planet Lexor is destroyed in a massive explosion. Both Ardora and Lex, Jr. are killed (Act No. 544/1, Jun 1983: "Luthor Unleashed!").

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