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The Superman Robot with a super-vaudevillian ability.

Hambone takes part in one of Superman's many ploys to try to make Sad Sam Smith laugh in order to have Sad Sam donate $1,000,000,000 to the Metropolis Orphan Fund as promised, if any man in Metropolis can make him laugh.

Superman introduces Hambone to Sad Sam: "This is Hambone, one of my robots, with a terrific yen to get into show biz! He wants to become a famous tap dancer!"

As Hambone begins his tap dance and song routine, he begins to fall apart as part of the gag: "Tapping Feet...Yah da-da, Vo-Dee-oh...Oops, lost an arm!"

As part of the act, Superman yells at him: "Hambone! Cut it out Hambone!"

But Hambone keeps dancing, singing and falling apart: "Oh-Oh! Lost the other arm! "tch!" Now I lost me legs..."yipes!"...and my head! Doggone those loose screws! And this is my big break, yet!"

Superman yells at him "Beat it, Hambone!" and blows him out of the room with his super breath.

Sadly the act fails to make Sad Sam Smith laugh (S No. 136/3, Apr 1960: "The Super-Clown of Metropolis!").

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