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The Eiffel Tower


A graceful steel tower in the city of Paris, built by French engineer and bridge builder Alexandre Gustave Eiffel for the Paris Exhibition of 1889, which stands 1,056 feet high and is one of the world’s great landmarks.

By July 1954, Lex Luthor and his henchmen have planted explosives in the Eiffel Tower—and in many other world-famous monuments—as part of an elaborate scheme to extort millions of dollars from the governments of the world (S No. 90/3: “The Titanic Thefts!”). During this same period, the Eiffel Tower is stolen, along with other world-famous monuments, by the Kryptonian villain Mala as part of the villain’s elaborate scheme to wreak vengeance on Superman by destroying the planet Earth (Act No. 194, Jul 1954: “The Outlaws from Krypton!”).

In April 1955, Lois Lane slips over the edge of a railing atop the Eiffel Tower and plummets toward her doom, only to be rescued in midair by Superman before she can hit the ground (Act No. 203: “The International Daily Planet!”).

In December 1955, Superman helps commemorate the anniversary of the French edition of the Daily Planet by posing for a photograph on a Paris street while balancing the Eiffel Tower upside down in one hand (Act No. 211: “The Superman Spectaculars”).

In December 1962, Superman destroys the Eiffel Tower, and several of the world's famous monuments, after being driven temporarily berserk by a diabolical “telepathic-hypnotic weapon” fired at him by members of the Superman Revenge Squad. After the villains have been defeated, however, Superman promises to repair the damage (Act No. 295: “Superman Goes Wild!”).

In January 1963, Superman uses a model of the tower to demonstrate the harmful effects Than Ol's enlarging ray would have on the city of Kandor. After exposure to the ray, the enlarged tower crumbles in three hours (S No. 158: “Superman in Kandor”).

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