Clark Kent of Earth-2

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Clark Kent (of Earth-2)

The Earth-2 Clark and Lois circa 1938. Art by Wayne Boring and Jerry Ordway, 1986.

The secret identity of Superman of Earth-2. This Clark Kent is raised by John and Mary Kent and following their deaths ca. 1938, starts his career as a reporter for the Daily Star. He is later promoted as the Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Star (SF No. 196/5, Jul/Aug 1979: "Editor of the Star"). He is also married to Lois Lane now known as Lois Kent (Act No. 484, Jun 1978: "Superman Takes a Wife!"; and others).

It is revealed in a 1981 chronicle that as a teenager, young Clark encounters the Superboy of Earth-1. While attempting to avert a tornado disaster in Smallville, Superboy inadvertently moves fast enough to not only travel backwards through the time stream, but also cross the dimensional barrier that separates Earth-1 and Earth-2. Traveling to the alternate version of his hometown, Superboy encounters his counterpart from this world, who at this time is intent upon using his fledgling super abilities to join a traveling circus. Superboy, after revealing himself to the "other" Clark Kent, begins training the young farm boy in the use of his super powers. Still intent upon joining the circus, young Clark becomes an acrobatic attraction known as the "Masked Wonder", while Superboy attempts to return home. After a brief stint in the circus, young Clark realizes that he is destined for greater things, and returns to his home in Smallville. Once more encountering the stranded Superboy, young Clark uses his super-speed to help create a mini-tornado and aid the hero from Earth-1 in returning home. It is this adventure with the hero from Earth-1 that leads young Clark to his fateful decision some years later to adopt the identity of Superman (NSB No. 15/2, Mar 1981: "Superboy Meets Clark Kent!"; NSB No. 16/2, Apr 1981: "The Superboy Training of Clark Kent!")

(See also Clark Kent)

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