Zatara the Magician

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Zatara the Magician, 1938

Zatara the Magician

Like his daughter Zatanna, John Zatara, who was born Giovanni Zatara (first appearance: Act No. 1, June 1938), is a stage magician possessing actual mystical abilities that he uses to fight crime and the forces of evil. These powers are usually manifested through spells spoken backward.

While on his "Magical Mystery Tour", Zatara encounters Superboy in his guise of Clark Kent at a stage show in Smallville. During the show, Zatara accidentally releases the extra-dimensional conqueror Turlock the Berzerker and is aided in sending him back where he belongs by the Boy of Steel and Johnny Webber, the latter of whom was assisting from behind the scenes (NSB No. 49, Jan 1984: "Zatara's Magical Mystery Tour!").

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