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The telepathic 30th-Century descendant of Streaky, the Super-Cat.

In almost every way a perfect lookalike for Streaky, Whizzy is an orange feline with white lightning-bolt markings on either side of his body. Supergirl first encounters Whizzy, who also wears a red cape like his ancestor, in April 1962 when she answers a summons from the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th Century. After defeating the Positive Man, Supergirl is addressed telepathically by a flying cat she assumes is her pet Streaky. She observes, "You have a 'W' insignia on your cape instead of an 'S'! The engraving on your collar explains everything!" True enough, emblazoned on the cat's collar is the following legend: "Whizzy, descendant of famed supercat Streaky." When shape-shifting criminals (see Chameleon Men Gang) replace the Legion and imprison Supergirl and her newly adopted pet in the Phantom Zone, it is Whizzy who relays "telepathic instructions" to an android manufacturer who in turn uses his skills to release the two heroes (Act No. 287: "Supergirl's Greatest Challenge").

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