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The Vixen


The super-powered heroine whose magical powers help her to protect endangered animals. The Tantu Totem she wears on a chain around her neck grants The Vixen "animal-based powers" of flight, elephantine-strength, and heightened senses.

In reality, Vixen is Mari Macabe, a successful New York model and businesswoman.

Superman first encounters The Vixen while trying to foil the theft of a fur shipment while visiting New York City. The thief, an attractive woman in a blue and gold fox costume, dumps the furs in the Hudson River while engaging the Man of Steel in a battle --managing to overwhelm him with the power of "a bull elephant" and inflicting a scratch with her claws.

The next day, Morgan Edge sends Clark Kent and Lana Lang to India to investigate a poaching ring at the request of Solomon Samuels, a publisher and friend of Mari Macabe. The poaching ring is headed by the furrier Mordecai Mule who attempts to kill Lana with an elephant stampede before she can document his poaching activities. Mule is foiled at the last minute by the combined forces of Superman and The Vixen who have teamed up after a proper introduction (Act No. 521, Jul 1981: "The Deadly Rampage of the Lady Fox").

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