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A scientist and member of the Superman Emergency Squad from the bottle-city of Kandor.

Vitar has won "many scientific and scholarly awards" as well as at least nine medals in the "Kandorian Games", the Kryptonian Olympics.

"One of the most promising young men in Kandor," Vitar is engaged to Serena. However, in October 1967 Vitar goes A.W.O.L. from the Emergency Squad and brings Lois Lane and Lana Lang to Kandor, claiming he loves both Earth women equally, and begins courting them relentlessly. Eventually, Vitar concocts a serum that he promises will provide invulnerability to the woman "who does best in her Kandorian career." After being trained as an archaeologist (Lana) and detective (Lois), the two women team-up to track down the Sky Thief, who has stolen "a rare jewel-mask of the Kvorn period" from the Kandor art museum. After they apprehend the criminal, however, the two women are told by Vitar that his serum has serious side-effects. Unable to forget Superman, and shadowed by their doubles from the Look-Alike Squad, Lois and Lana abandon Vitar and leave Kandor, finally triggering a reconcilation between Serena and Vitar (SGLL No.78: "Courtship, Kryptonian Style!").

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