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A ruthless villain on the extradimensional world of Xeron who masterminds a scheme to establish himself as the dictator of Xeron by transforming ordinarily harmless creatures called "skrans" into creatures of awesome destructiveness by feeding them iron ore—a substance which is exceedingly rare on Xeron, but which Vathgar hopes to obtain in quantity from the planet Earth—and then using the skrans to help him establish absolute rule over Xeron and its people.

In June 1961, with the aid of a special machine designed to facilitate the passage of people or objects through the "space-time barrier", Vathgar transmits a single skran to Earth to ascertain whether Earth contains sufficient iron ore to fulfill the needs of his scheme. Vathgar's dictatorial ambitions are ultimately shattered, however, and his dangerous iron-fed skrans rendered completely harmless through the heroic efforts of Batman, Robin, and Superman (WF No. 118: "The Creature That Was Exchanged for Superman!").

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