Turlock the Berzerker

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Turlock the Berzerker arrives, 1984

Turlock the Berzerker

An extra-dimensional conqueror who battles Superboy and Zatara in a 1984 chronicle.

Turlock wields a variety of magically-empowered weapons, including a mystical sword and mace, and rides upon a chariot driven by two large, dog-like creatures.

Turlock is accidentally released from the extra-dimensional realm he calls home by Zatara at a stage show in Smallville, during his so-called "Magical Mystery Tour." Zatara and Superboy are only able to return Turlock to his proper dimension with the help of Johnny Webber, who was aiding the magician and the Boy of Steel from behind-the-scenes (NSB No. 49, Jan 1984: "Zatara's Magical Mystery Tour!").

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