The Yellow Peri

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The Yellow Peri arrives, 1982

The Yellow Peri

An occasional pest that Superboy first encounters in a 1982 chronicle, and then later, as Superman, encounters twice more.

The Yellow Peri is in reality Loretta York, a smalltown girl from the small town of Apple Creek, Oregon, who became interested in magic as a child. This interest in magic, as a teenager, led her to a burned-down bookstore, where, miraculously, one book had survived the all-consuming fire, a book of magic spells which Loretta uncovered in the rubble.

Using the spells contained in this book, Loretta became the Yellow Peri, a magical being clad in a gold and yellow genie costume. As the Yellow Peri, she attempts to use her newfound powers to help others, though her magical gestures, more often than not, seem to backfire. Joining a travelling carnival, her travels soon enough bring her to Smallville, where she first encounters Superboy. At the end of this meeting, the Boy of Steel takes the magic book from her and tosses it into outer space. Without the book, Loretta's magical powers and her memories of having been the Yellow Peri are lost. Superboy returns her home to Apple Creek, and it was not until years later did he encounter her again (NSB No. 34, Oct 1982: "Beware the Yellow Peri"; NSB No. 35, Nov 1982: "The Yellow Peri Peril").

The Yellow Peri returns in 1984

Some years later, Loretta, now an adult and married to Alvin Grant, receives the shock of her life when the magic book returns to Earth and crashes through the roof of their home, again transforming her into the Yellow Peri. Alvin, always looking to make a fast and easy dollar, sees the book as a sure-fire way to con others out of their money and decides to cash in on his wife's powers.

Alvin convinces his wife to use her magical powers to clean up town after town by removing all of the dirt and grime. Unfortunately, Loretta's magic, again running true to form, backfires and only moves the dirt and grime to another town. Alvin, also acting true to form, theorizes what would happen, and just moves himself and Loretta from town to town to perform the task over and over. This scheme brings the timely arrival of Superboy, now known as Superman, to the scene, but this meeting with the Man of Steel leaves Loretta with the book and a few words of wisdom:

"Just realize that perhaps you haven't been using your magic for the best of purposes--and that things are not always what they appear!" (Act No. 559, Sept 1984: "The Once and Future Peri").

The Yellow Peri in 1985

Superman and Yellow Peri meet once more, when Alvin and Loretta are promoting a vacation development in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania. Alvin convinces Loretta to use her powers to make the property better than it was and, again, Alvin's scheme backfires. Her magic now out of control, the Yellow Peri is once again aided by the Man of Steel, who stops the destructive magic by encasing her magic book in lead. When last seen, Loretta is still in possession of the lead-encased magic tome, but neither she nor Alvin have any memory of the Yellow Peri (Act No. 567, May 1985: "Peri(l) in Paradise")

Powers and Abilities

The Yellow Peri derives all of her powers from the magic book. She is able to read its spells and use its magic by touching one hand to her forehead and the other to the book. There does not seem to be any limits to her powers when they are utilized, save her own apparent clumsiness and inexperience at casting spells.

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