The Wizard of Earth-2

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The Wizard of Earth-2

Lois Wizard.JPG

Real Name: Frederick P. Garth (a.k.a. William Asmodeus Zard; a.k.a. W. I. Zard)

The criminal sorcerer who is the enemy of the Justice Society of America of Earth-2 (first appearance: All Star Comics No. 34, Apr/May 1947: "The Wiles of the Wizard!").

The Wizard is a "criminal master magician" who has "the ability to make mystifying and scientifically unexplainable things happen." At an unspecified point in time—probably in the early 1950s—at the urging of Colonel Future, the Wizard employs the Glastonbury Wand, "a priceless relic reputed to have been crafted by Merlin himself" to cause Superman to vanish for an entire year (Act No. 484, Jun 1978: "Superman Takes a Wife!").

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