Superintendent Wyman

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Superintendent Wyman

The sadistic superintendent of the Coreytown prison, a verminous hellhole where hapless chain-gang laborers endure a litany of horrors --including starvation, the sweat-box, and blood-chilling whippings inflicted by Wyman "in a murderous frenzy of sadistic hate." After deliberately allowing himself to be convicted of a crime in Coreytown, "where justice is a mockery," and sentenced to the chain gang under an alias, Superman gives the evil Wyman a taste of his own medicine, drags the state's pusillanimous Governor Bixby out of bed to witness the horrors of the prison, and accumulates sufficient photographic evidence to send Wyman to prison and bring about a series of long-overdue reforms in the life at the Coreytown prison (Act No. 10, Mar 1939).

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