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Superboys of Alternate Universes and Dimensions

Alternate universes and dimensions can have slightly different versions of the Boy of Steel. For example, see the Superboy of Earth-Prime.

One Superboy from the myriad Parallel-Worlds can be differentiated from Superboy by the fact that the colors of his chest insignia are reversed. During a mission in space, this Superboy is hurled from his universe to Earth by the force of an exploding warhead containing Red Kryptonite. Upon his arrival in Smallville, the effect of the Red Kryptonite twists his personality and compels him to ruin the reputation of a good friend, which he attempts to do to Police Chief Parker. When Superboy and Krypto arrive to stop this "false" Superboy, the effects of the Red Kryptonite begin to wear off, and he explains his actions before fading back to his home world (SB No. 116/3, Oct 1964: "The Ordeal of Chief Parker").

Another alternative Superboy encounters the Boy of Steel after Superboy is hurled to a different reality when an alien sun goes nova. Upon his arrival in the parallel (and mis-spelled) "Smallvile", Superboy meets counterparts of five members of the Legion of Super-Heroes: Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy, Element Lad, Invisible Kid, and Ultra Boy - who in this universe are evil. During this encounter, the five delinquents attempt to expose Superboy's secret identity as Clark Kent. Superboy, after realizing what they are up to and that he is in fact on a parallel Earth, is able to contact his counterpart, who has been away on a mission. The two Superboys assist each other in thwarting the criminals' efforts and, after apprehending them, return the villainous Legionnaires to their own time (SB No. 117, Dec 1964: "Superboy and the 5 Legion Traitors").

(See Metropolus and Smallvile)

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