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Superman's Super-Univac is described as a gigantic super-analyzing machine and is beyond any doubt, the most advanced computer on Earth.

In October 1959, on the basis of photographic data fed into it by Superman, it provides a detailed account of how Superman's life would have unfolded if Krypton and not exploded and Superman had never been sent to Earth. The answer according to the Super-Univac, is that much about Superman’s might have been life would had paralleled his real one, with Superman eventually acquiring super-powers on his native planet and assuming the role of Krypton’s super-hero (S No. 132: "Superman's Other Life!" Parts 1-3).

In June 1960, after meeting Hyper-Man, Superman uses his Super-Univac to work out a complete account of Hyper-Man's future life for Superman's files, proof that the giant computer can accurately foretell future events (Act No. 265: "The Superman from Outer Space!).

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