Smallville High School

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Smallville High School

The high school located in Smallville that Clark Kent, Lana Lang, Lex Luthor, and Pete Ross attended in their youth.

Clark Kent's "buddy" Wayne King was a fellow Smallville High School student who had, by June 1986, after Clark Kent had moved to Metropolis and become a reporter for the Daily Planet, become social studies teacher at the school. Courses that he teaches include Fourth Period American History. The school Principal at this time is Mr. Herman (S No. 420: "...and We are the Dreamers of the Dreams!").

By June 1986, the Audio-Visual Department at the High School has used a federal grant to install a complex system of cameras throughout the school building that can by used from a central location in the Audio-Visual room to see events that take place within the school (S. No. 420: "...and We are the Dreamers of the Dreams!").

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