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NSB No.6, artwork by Kurt Schaffenberger

The United States town—located "hundreds of miles" from Metropolis (S No. 116/2, Sep 1957: "Disaster Strikes Twice"), perhaps in the Midwest (S No. 141, Nov 1960: "Superman Returns to Krypton!" pts. I-III—"Superman Meets Jor-El and Late Again!"; "Superman’s Kryptonian Romance!"; "The Surprise of Fate!")—where Clark Kent, the man who is secretly Superman spent his boyhood after being adopted into the home of Jonathan and Martha Kent (S No. 146/1, Jul 1961: "The Story of Superman’s Life!"; and many others).

It was near Smallville that the experimental rocket bearing the infant Superman landed after its journey through space from the planet Krypton (WF No. 57, Mar/Apr 1952: "The Artificial Superman!"; and others). The Smallville Orphanage, where the Kents brought the infant Superman immediately upon finding him, and where he remained for a brief period preceeding his adoption, is located in Smallville (Act No. 273, Feb 1961: "The World of Mr. Mxyzptlk!"; and others), and the Kents’ farm, where Superman spent his early childhood years, is located somewhere "outside of Smallville" (S No. 152/2, Apr 1962: "Superbaby Captures the Pumpkin Gang!"; and others). The Kents' home, where the family moved after selling their farm and where Superman spent the remainder of his boyhood, is located in Smallville, as is Jonathan Kent’s general store (S No. 146/1, Jul 1961: "The Story of Superman’s Life"; and others), where Clark Kent used to work afternoons after school (S No. 116/2, Sep 1957: "Disaster Strikes Twice").

Clark Kent attended elementary school in Smallville and attended high school at Smallville High School (WF No. 69, Mar/Apr 1954: "Jor-El’s Last Will!"; and others).

As a teenager, Superman performed numerous heroic exploits in Smallville under the name of Superboy (S No. 97/3, May 1956: "Superboy’s Last Day in Smallville"; and many others). In his honor, Superboy Day is still celebrated there annually (S No. 110/2, Sep 1957: "Disaster Strikes Twice"), as is Superman’s Earthday—"the anniversary of the day Superman landed on Earth from the doomed planet, Krypton!" (S No. 136/2, Apr 1960: "The Secret of Kryptonite!"). Once a year, Superman returns to Smallville to put on a spectacular performance of superfeats for the youngsters at the Smallville Orphanage (Act No. 273, Feb 1961: "The World of Mr. Mxyzptlk!")

Superman is Smallville’s most illustrious son, but other Smallville residents have played important roles in the chronicles as well, including Professor Lewis Lang (Act No. 298, Mar 1963: "Clark Kent, Coward!") and his daughter Lana Lang (S No. 144, Apr 1961: "Superboy’s First Public Appearance!"; and many others), Police Chief Parker, and Pete Ross (Act No. 300, Feb 1964: "Superman's Super-Spectacular!").

In October 1952, a bomb planted by Dragon Lang’s remote-controlled robot explodes in Smallville. There are no injuries, however, and Superman repairs all the resulting property damage (Act No. 173: "Superman’s Invulnerable Foe!").

In March-April 1954, during a return visit to Smallville, Superman finds his father Jor-El’s last will and testament buried deep in the ground on the site where the rocket carrying the infant Superman landed upon its arrival on Earth (WF No. 69: "Jor-El’s Last Will!") In July 1954, Superman returns to Smallville for Homecoming Day, a day honoring former Smallville residents who have moved away (S No. 90/2: "Superman’s Secret Past").

In May 1955, Superman returns to Smallville to thwart an underworld scheme to recover $1,000,000 in gold that, following its theft many years ago, was hidden in Smallville by thieves and never recovered (S No. 97/3: "Superboy’s Last Day in Smallville").

In December 1957, Superman returns to Smallville for a testimonial dinner in his honor commemorating the anniversary of his arrival on Earth as an infant from the planet Krypton (Act No. 211: "The Superman Spectaculars").

In September 1957, Superman returns to Smallville with Johnny Kirk so that, in the town where he himself first embarks on his super-heroic career, he can train Johnny Kirk for his forthcoming career as a super-hero (Act No. 232: "Story of Superman, Junior"). During this same period, Superman travels to Smallville for a weeklong gala celebration commemorating the anniversary of his departure from Smallville to begin a new life in Metropolis. As a tribute to the Man of Steel, the people of Smallville restore all the landmarks of Superman’s youth including Jonathan Kent’s general store—to the condition that characterized them during Superman’s boyhood.(S No. 116/2, Sep 1957: "Disaster Strikes Twice").

In April 1960, Superman’s returns to Smallville for the town’s annual celebration of Superman’s Earthday, the anniversary of his arrival on Earth as an infant from the planet Krypton. Among those on hand to attend the festivities are Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Perry White (S No. 138/2: "The Secret of Kryptonite!").

In May 1962, ex-convict Hal Colby—employing the alias Burt Hutton—produces a television tribute to Superman as part of his elaborate scheme to unravel and expose Superman’s secret identity. Superman flies to Smallville to appear on the program (Act No. 288: "The Man Who Exposed Superman!"). (TGSB)

Map of Smallville

Map of Smallville

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