Shazam of Earth-S

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Shazam (of Earth-S)

The ghost of the wizard explains Captain Marvel's newly gifted powers to him.

Shazam is an Egyptian wizard who grants Billy Batson the ability to transform himself into Captain Marvel (first appearance: Whiz Comics No. 2, Feb 1940: "Introducing Captain Marvel"). The alternate Earth on which he resided, before his death in 1940, is sometimes referred to as Earth-S in his honor.

When Shazam was just a young lad, circa 7,000 B.C., he was chosen by six long-since-forgotten gods to become their champion! The six gods: Voldar, Lumiun, Arel, Ribalvei, Elbiam, and Marsosh developed a magic codeword formed from the first initial of their names. So when Shazam said the name, VLAREM!, he would instantly transform into The Champion and gain super powers! (WF No. 262, Apr/May 1980: "The Captain Marvel of 7,000 B.C.")

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