Scarlet Jungle

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A "weird wilderness" on the planet Krypton which teems with red and purple flora, including huge, maroon, mushroom like fungi (Act No. 310, Mar 1964: "Secret of Kryptonite Six!") and gigantic "moving forests," red in color and vaguely humanoid in form, which literally advance across the face of the planet "in their yearly migration," forcing Kryptonians in their path to seek shelter in subterranean tunnels until they pass (S No. 164, Oct 1963: pts. I-II—"The Showdown Between Luthor and Superman!"; "The Super- Duel!").

The Scarlet Jungle is also inhabited by a species of Kryptonian fauna known as "Thought-Beasts," large, primitive, rhinoceros-like creatures—with spiked tails and a single large horn protruding from their snouts—whose most distinctive feature is a television-like "thought-screen" atop their heads which flashes picture-images of whatever they are thinking (Act No. 310, Mar 1964: "Secret of Kryptonite Six!").

It is in the Scarlet Jungle that Superman and Jax-Ur locate the rare "spore-dust" needed to cure the "ghastly spotted plague" sweeping Atlantis (Act No. 310, Mar 1964: "Secret of Kryptonite Six!").

In addition, the region has a more subtle deadly danger, an infectious spore called Bloodmorel. When Superman is infected from a spore culture of this disease, the heroic plant monster Swamp Thing manages to link with the lifeform to find a way to stop the superhero's infection. Consequently, Swamp Thing finds himself in an illusion of the Scarlet Jungle and is almost immobilized by the simulation of Krypton's gravity before he dispells the illusion (DCCP No. 85, Sep 1985: "The Jungle Line!").

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