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The Kryptonian woman who is the daughter of Dev-Re of Kandor. She is a "deadly saboteur" and member of a "group of young radicals who used violence."

Superman encounters Sarna when he and Jimmy Olsen journey inside the Bottle City of Kandor at the request of Dev-Re in October-November 1975. As Nightwing and Flamebird, Superman and Jimmy search for Sarna, all the while battling the crazed population of the city, struck by an epidemic inadvertently transported into Kandor by Superman from his Fortress of Solitude. With Nightwing incapacitated by the plague, Flamebird joins forces with Sarna, planting explosives in a ruse designed to blow up the bottle and expose the Kandorians to Earth's atmosphere, instantly granting them Superman-like powers and immunity to the plague. For her part, Sarna is eventually apprehended and an attempt is made to rehabilitate her, "thanks to advanced Kandorian science" (SF No. 173/1: "Menace of the Micro-Monster").

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