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"Superman's Christmas Adventure," a free 1940 giveaway of the Superman chronicles. Story by Jerry Siegel and Jack Burnley
Act No. 105 cover art by Wayne Boring & Stan Kaye

Santa Claus

The patron saint of children and bearer of gifts at Christmas, a big, fat, jolly old man who lives in the North Pole and, on Christmas Eve, soars through the skies in a sleigh drawn by magic reindeer, climbing down chimneys to fill stockings hung at fireplaces with Christmas gifts.

When the unscrupulous Jasper Rasper concocts a heinous scheme to drug Santa Claus and sabotage Christmas, Superman intervenes to thwart the plot and rescue Christmas for the children of the world (Act No. 105, Feb 1947: "The Man Who Hated Christmas!"). (TGSB)

Years later, Santa helps Superman defeat the nefarious Toyman (DCCP No. 67, Mar 1984: "'Twas the Fright Before Christmas!").

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