Robin Hood (1943)

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Robin Hood (1943)

The alias employed by a modern-day Robin Hood who, clad in the green costume of his legendary namesake and following in his famous footsteps, robs “the unjustly rich to aid the poor. Why? Because I sympathize with the underdog... and do something about it!” In May-June 1943, however, after a series of spectacular escapades in which he victimizes the corrupt and the criminal in order to aid the poor and the unfortunate, Robin Hood becomes disenchanted with his selfless role (I’ve stolen hundreds of thousands... could have kept it for myself... but gave it all away. Maybe I’ve been a sap... outwitting the law is a cinch... why shouldn’t it pay...??”), forms an alliance with gangland kingpin “Beetlebrow” Macklin, and with his help launches “a vicious crime wave” that swamps Metropolis. Macklin and his henchmen are ultimately apprehended by Superman with the aid of local police, but Robin Hood dies when, torn again by conflict over his newly adopted role (“All this illegal money I’m making... it brings me no pleasure or satisfaction”), he heroically intercepts a fusillade of gangland bullets intended for Lois Lane. “I... I was a fool to try to... work outside the law,” gasps the dying outlaw. “If... if I wanted to help others... I should have joined the police force. ... please... one last favor... return the [stolen] money... compliments of... Robin Hood (S No. 22/4: “A Modern Robin Hood!”). (TGSB)

(See also: Mark Benton, The Modern Robin Hood)

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