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The Kryptonian man who inspired the myth of the Lovers' Stars, a pair of stars visible in the night sky of Krypton.

Ren-Re is the son of a sorceror, know as Master Re. Forbidden by his father to associate with Tar-Lu, the daughter of a scientist, Ren engages in a covert romance. Attempting to escape the clutches of his family, Ren and Tar-Lu embark on a journey to found a new city with the explorer Vog-Ar. However, the pair are confronted by the evil Bik-Re, Ren's brother, who is accidentally killed when Tar-Lu uses her "scientific fight-training" to save her lover. Exiled, the lovers flee and appear to vanish. The superstitious Kryptonians assume they have been transformed into "twin stars" and determine that these stars will forever be known as an evil omen --a prophecy that is fulfilled when the stars appear in the sky on the eve of Krypton's destruction many years in the future (S No.255/2, Aug 1972: "The Fabulous World of Krypton: Moon-Crossed Love").

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