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Batman meets Red Raven. Image by Jim Mooney and Sheldon Moldoff.

Red Raven

The leader of the Red Raven Gang, a gang of criminals whom Batman helps apprehend during an unplanned visit to an extradimensional parallel world {see Parallel-Worlds}.

Forced to crash-land the Batplane during a thunderstorm in September 1963, Batman finds himself on a "twin world" of his own world --on "another Earth," where "evolution has paralleled [his] own world's --but with minor variations!" In this dimension there is no Batman; Superman is the crime-fighting partner of Robin; Vicki Vale is a pefect look-alike for the Lois Lane who inhabits Batman's world; there is no Batwoman; Superman is secretly Bruce Wayne, although his features are identical to those of the Clark Kent Batman knows; and the grotesque face of the Joker is really the greasepaint mask of a television comedian named Freddy Forbes.

Not realizing at first that he has landed on a world other than his own, Batman is taken for a costumed criminal --even a lunatic-- until finally he succeeds in demonstrating his goodwill by helping the extradimensional Superman apprehend the Red Raven Gang, whereupon the counterpart Superman helps the bewildered Batman return in the Batplane to the familiar Earth he accidentally passed out of in the course of the thunderstorm (WF No. 136: "The Batman Nobody Remembered").

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