Princess Varina

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The lovely brown-haired ruler of the "faraway kingdom" of Balkania, who visited the United States in November-December 1956, accompanied by Count Zitu, Balkania's prime minister, and Captain Stefan, an "officer of [the royal] guards" with whom she was deeply in love.

When Batman and Superman learned that Princess Varina was contemplating abdicating her throne in order to marry the commoner Stefan, and that such a move by the princess would inevitably plunge Balkania into a bloody civil war, they set in motion a complex scheme designed to prevent the princess from marrying Stefan—by pretending to be rivals for her affection themselves—while they searched desperately for some means of sufficiently elevating Stefan's status in the eyes of Balkania's parliament to make it possible for the princess to marry him without abdicating her throne.

When the Pete Kaney gang attacked the princess's car in a brazen attempt to steal Balkania's royal jewels, Batman and Robin helped Stefan apprehend the criminals while carefully contriving to remain unseen so that Stefan would receive all the credit for the capture. As Batman and Superman had hoped, Stefan's courageous efforts on behalf of the princess made him a hero to his native Balkanians, thus persuading the country's parliament to approve his marriage to the princess (WF No. 85: "The Super-Rivals!").

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