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DC Comics Presents No. 39 artwork by Ross Andru & Dick Giordano

Plastic Man

The longest arm of the law!

Renowned for his unique sense of humor and the shape-shifting/stretching powers to match his name, Plastic Man has a long record of superheroic activity (first appearance: Police Comics No. 1, Aug 1941).

Put up for adoption and traveling from orphanages to foster homes, the boy who would grow up to be Plastic Man turns toward a life of crime, quickly working his way into the underworld. He becomes known as "Eel" O'Brian because of his abilities as a pickpocket and a thief. Sometime in 1941, while he and his gang rob the Crawford Chemical Works, "Eel" is shot in the shoulder by a security guard while he and his crew are making their escape. Falling against a vat of experimental acid, his life and molecular structure are forever altered. Awakening in a monastery, a monk tells him that he "sensed the potential for good" and gives him refuge. As pliable as plastic, "Eel" decides to use his powers to fight crime and take down his former gang. He fashions himself a costume from a circus acrobat suit and a pair of white goggles. He is able to defeat the gang and turn in the stolen money to the police, earning a front page headline as "The Plastic Man."

He has become an excellent actor to go along with his disguises. He has also assisted Batman on many cases when "Eel"'s connections and ductile powers are needed.

In November 1981, Plastic Man and his sidekick Woozy Winks team-up with Superman to take on the Toyman (DCCP No. 39, Nov 1981: "The Thing That Goes Woof in the Night!").

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