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Omega Men

The Omega Men are a team of alien superheroes/freedom fighters from the Vega star-system consisting of members Harpis, Tigorr, Oho-Besh, Primus, Kalista, Nimbus and Broot (first appearance: Green Lantern No. 141, Jun 1981: "The Lurkers in the Shadow").

In October 1982, the Omega Men team up with Cave Carson to defeat the villainous Mole and rescue Superman who has been trapped beneath the Earth (Act No. 536, Oct 1982: "Battle Beneath the Earth!").

In January 1986, Superman teams up with the Omega Men to battle the dreaded villain known as the Thing (DCCP No. 89/1: "Metropolis Wasn't Built in a Day...or Was It?").

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