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The Octopus

The cunning master criminal who is the leader of the Octopus Gang, a band of ruthless criminals—each clad in a gray hood emblazoned with an emblem in the form of an octopus—who commit a series of spectacular crimes before they are finally apprehended in February 1963 through the heroic efforts of Batman, Robin, Superman, and a strictly amateur costumed crime-fighter calling himself the Crimson Avenger. The Crimson Avenger is in reality Albert Elwood, a "crackpot inventor" who has designed a whimsical arsenal of crime-fighting weaponry which he feels certain will make him the "nemesis of all crimedom." The capture of the Octopus Gang is repeatedly—albeit unintentionally—thwarted by the Crimson Avenger's crackpot gadgetry and ceaseless bungling, but, at a point when the villains appear to have gained the upper hand, it is his courage and resourcefulness that make the final capture possible (WF No. 131: "The Mystery of the Crimson Avenger!").

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