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Morna Vine

The lovely brown-haired young woman who is the Daily Planet's "newest cub reporter" as well as the niece of wealthy Mark Vine, the Daily Planet's "biggest stockholder."

By November 1965, after having recovered the severed head of one of Superman's "super-robots" from the ocean bottom, where it lay in fragments after having been demolished in a battle with "undersea monsters" - and after having persuaded her father to use the still-intact "circuits and energy cells" from the robot's head to create a pair of special earrings and "super-spectcles" designed to duplicate some of Superman's super-powers (X-ray vision, super-hearing, heat vision, and telescope vision) - Morna has used her uncle's influence to obtain a cub reporter's post on the Daily Planet as part of her scheme to use her electronic super-powers to establish a reputation for herself as a "famous reporter" in hopes of attracting the attention, and ultimately the affection, of Superman.

Indeed, within a matter of days, Morna Vine has successfully employed her scientifically created super-powers to out-scoop her fellow journalists and acquire "star reporter" status on the Daily Planet, but Superman ultimately discerns the true explanation behind her journalistic successes, gives the now-remorseful Morna a well-deserved scolding for having used her super-powers selfishly, and confiscates her supply of scientific "super-equipment" (S No.181/1: pts. I-II --"The Super-Scoops of Morna Vine!"; "The Secret of the New Supergirl!"). (TGSB)

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