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The so-called "Last Boy on Earth" (first appearance: Kamandi No. 1, Oct/Nov 1972: "The Last Boy on Earth"). Kamandi lives in a post-apocalyptic future America. He is given the name "Kamandi" after the name of the survival shelter that he was raised in, "Command-D."

Although human civilization has apparently been destroyed, the future society is ruled by intelligent, talking animals. Kamandi is the grandson of Buddy Blank a.k.a. OMAC.

Superman's indestructible costume has survived through the ages and is worshipped by a society of talking apes, who await the return of "Mighty One." The text of their extensive carved stone tablet, "the story of a new continent told in comic strip terms," reads:

As set forth by GOLGAN THE GORILLA
- founder of this tribe -
Let it be known that we await the return of "MIGHTY ONE"
It came to pass that there were days of woe... ...yea, the world
shook and cracked and swallowed great cities 
Many cried that it was the end of all life!!.. for it was seen that
the seas had parted, and the fires from below would split the world
into halves.
It was a job for "MIGHTY ONE"! ... And he came out of KLA-KENT to
do this job.
He flew where lightning roared and killed.
He flew in the whirlwinds where nothing could fly!
Thus did "Mighty One" descend to the fiery core and scoop up stones
upon which mountains could rest.
So gigantic was this work that no mind could accept it... so great
was the peril that even "Mighty One" saw the face of death.
When "Mighty One" was done, the raging fires were capped by miles
of stone so huge that it became a new land for all creatures....
(Kamandi No. 29, May 1975: "Mighty One!")

Kamandi battles his nemesis, the talking tiger Great Caesar, in December 1983 (DCCP No. 64: "May You Live in Interesting Times").

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