Insect Queen of Earth-2

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Insect Queen (of Earth-2)

The Earth-2 Insect Queen, 1981.

Villainous alter-ego assumed by Lana Lang of Earth-2 in the 1950s while under the influence of an ancient magical scarab brooch. This mystical artifact takes possession of Lang's mind and gives her the ability to control insects. Insect Queen forms a temporary alliance with the Ultra-Humanite before both are defeated by Superman (SF No. 213/2, Dec 1981: "Queen of the Insect World"; SF No. 214/2, Jan 1982: "Horde of the Insect Queen"; SF No. 215/2, Feb 1982: "Beware of the Ultra-Ant").

(See also Insect Queen; Bee-Boy)

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