Dream Girl

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Dream Girl applies for membership. Image by John Forte.

Dream Girl

Nura Nal from the planet Naltor.

Dream Girl is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes and possesses the power to predict the future. She also has a sophisticated understanding of scientific technology.

Superboy first encounters Dream Girl when she applies for membership in the Legion. Receiving a prophetic vision predicting the deaths of seven Legionnaires, Dream Girl journeys to Earth to prevent her dream from becoming reality. Convincing the male Legion members to accept her membership, she attempts to expel the endangered members through subterfuge, transforming several into infants and using her scientific ability to change the powers of Lightning Lass. When Dream Girl confesses her motives to Star Boy, he reveals that her "extra-sensory ability" allowed her to see only the destruction of "seven lifeless android doubles" of the Legion members, proving that her attempt to save the Legionnaires was unnecessary. Her mission accomplished, Dream Girl leaves the Legion, vowing to re-apply at a future date (Adv No. 317/1, Feb 1964: "The Menace of Dream Girl!").

After Star Boy kills Dream Girl's former beau in self-defense, Dream Girl starts a process of being re-admitted to the Legion, initially under the pseudonym "Miss Terious" (Adv No. 350/1, Nov 1966: "Outcast Super-Heroes!").

Nura's sister, the White Witch, later joins the Legion (Legion of Super-Heroes No. 294, Dec 1982: "Darkseid").

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