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The Batman




A costumed crime-fighter and adventurer who has, for decades, waged an unrelenting battle against the forces of crime, brutality, and evil. He is secretly Bruce Wayne, a millionaire socialite and philanthropist based in Gotham City who, while still a young boy, vows to dedicate his life to "warring on all criminals" after seeing his parents murdered by a hoodlum on a darkened city street. In April 1940, approximately a year after the onset of his crime-fighting career, Batman trains a young boy named Dick Grayson to be his partner, conferring on him the name Robin, and thus launching the career of a crime-fighting partnership whose feats have become the stuff of legend. Like Wayne, the Boy Wonder is an orphan, his parents killed when a gangster arranges to have his trapeze-expert parents die in a circus accident. The name Robin refers to the legendary Robin Hood of English yore. As chronicled in the 1980s, Dick outgrows the Robin identity and passes it the young Jason Todd.

Both Superman and Batman are founding members of the Justice League of America, but following a policy dispute in 1983, Batman leaves to found his own super-team—The Outsiders (DCCP No. 83, Jul 1985: "The Shadow of the Outsider").


Batman's own chronicles gradually reveal his origins as time progresses. In his first appearance, he is already established as a mysterious vigilante and Bruce Wayne is known to Commissioner Gordon as a "socialite", perhaps without the sense of responsiblity and philanthropy that later marked his career as a millionaire businessman (Detective Comics No. 27, May 1939: "The Case of the Chemical Syndicate"). He is later joined by Robin (Detective Comics No. 38, Apr 1940: "Robin the Boy Wonder") and it is also revealed that butler Alfred Pennyworth's family has remained in the service of the Wayne family for generations.

It is not until 1948 that the full details of Batman's origin are made known. Vowing revenge on the murderer who killed his parents (Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne) on a street at night, young Bruce Wayne carefully acquires the skills necessary to fight crime. To do this, he "mastered scientific criminal investigation" and "trained his body to physical and athletic perfection". Wayne takes his crime-fighting name and costume from the bat, a creature of the night that he knows strikes terror in the heart of even hardened criminals. Years later, as Batman, Wayne encounters the hoodlum who shot his parents—Joe Chill—now a criminal boss running a crooked trucking operation. In carrying out his vengeance, Bruce reveals his identity to Chill, but it is Chill's own men who kill him, angry at the revelation that Chill's past homicides actually "created" the Caped Crusader who is persecuting them (Batman No. 47, Jun/Jul 1948: "The Origin of the Batman!").

The World's Finest


Batman is a close friend of Superman and one of the few persons privy to the closely guarded secret of Superman’s secret identity. From mid-1954 onward, Batman and Superman regularly participate in certain of their adventures together.

===Battles Against Crime and Villainy===

In May-June 1952, Superman and Batman meet and team up for the first time ever as they apprehend John Smilter and learn each other's secret identity while vacationing aboard the coastal cruise ship S.S. Varania (S No. 76/1: " The Mightiest Team in the World!").

In July-August 1954, Superman joins forces with Batman and Robin to apprehend a gang of criminals and prevent Lois Lane from unraveling the secret of his dual identity (WF No. 71: "Batman... Double for Superman!"). Later in 1954, they also bring the Heavy Weapons Gang to justice (WF No. 72, Sep/Oct 1954: "Fort Crime!") and battle The Fang (WF No. 73, Nov/Dec 1954: "Batman and Superman, Swamis, Inc!").

In January-February 1955, Batman, Robin and Superman help an extraterrestrial youngster stranded on Earth find his way home again (WF No. 74: "The Contest of Heroes!"). In the same year, they battle the Purple Mask Mob (WF No. 75, Mar/Apr 1955: "The New Team of Superman and Robin!"), match wits with Professor Pender (WF No. 77, Jul/Aug 1955: "The Super-Bat-Man!"), and apprehend the Varrel Mob (WF No. 78, Sep/Oct: "When Superman’s Identity Is Exposed!").

With the help of Professor Carter Nichols' time-inducing hypnosis, Batman, Robin, and Superman journey into the past where they encounter the legendary Aladdin (WF No. 79, Nov/Dec 1955: "The Three Magicians of Baghdad!"). They again go back in time to the era of the Three Musketeers in a somewhat later adventure (WF No. 82, May/Jun 1956: "The Three Super-Musketeers!"). Other instances where the heroes travel to the past are chronicled in WF No. 107, Feb 1960: "The Secret of the Time Creature!" and WF No. 132, Mar 1963: "Batman and Robin, Medieval Bandits!".

In January-February 1956, Batman, Robin and Superman trap the Mole (WF No. 80: "The Super-Newspaper of Gotham City!"). Later in 1956, they meet Ka Thar (WF No. 81, Mar/Apr 1956: "The True History of Superman and Batman!") and are honored guests at Gotham City’s annual policemen’s ball (WF No. 83, Jul/Aug 1956: "The Case of the Mother Goose Mystery!"). When in the midst of a hurricane, Batman loses a bat-cape with his real name, Bruce Wayne, sewn inside it, Clark Kent finds the lost cape and uses his X-Ray vision to burn away the tell-tale writing to help safeguard the secret of Batman’s identity (Batman No. 101, Aug 1956: "The Great Bat-Cape Hunt!"). In September-October 1956, Batman, Robin and Superman apprehend the Thad Linnis gang (WF No. 84: "The Super-Mystery of Metropolis!") and in November-December 1956, Batman, Robin and Superman meet Princess Varina (WF No. 85: "The Super-Rivals!").

In January-February 1957, Batman, Robin and Superman thwart the unscrupulous machinations of Henry Bartle (WF No. 86: "The Super-Show of Gotham City!") and in March-April 1957, Superman narrates the story of a past encounter that he and Batman and Robin had with the villainous Elton Craig (WF No. 87: "The Reversed Heroes!"). The team become embroiled in an adventure involving the amazing Lightning-Man (WF No. 89, Jul/Aug 1957: "The Club of Heroes!") and find themselves forced to cope with a super-powered Batwoman (WF No. 90, Sep/Oct 1957: "The Super-Batwoman!"). In November-December, Batman, Robin and Superman apprehend Rick Harben and match wits with Rohtul (WF No. 91: "The Three Super-Sleepers!").

From World's Finest Comics No. 96

In January-February 1958, Batman, Robin and Superman meet Skyboy (WF No. 92: "The Boy from Outer Space!"), and later Batman, Robin and Superman thwart the schemes of Victor Danning (WF No. 93 Mar/Apr 1958: "The Boss of Batman and Superman!"). In September 1958, Batman, Robin and Superman help a band of aliens who have journeyed to the planet Earth (WF No. 96: "The Super-Foes from Planet X!"). They return to the fight against crime when they battle The Condor Gang (WF No. 97, Oct 1958: "The Day Superman Betrayed Batman!") and the Moonman (WF No. 98, Nov/Dec 1958: "The Menace of the Moonman!"). In February 1959, Batman, Robin and Superman becomes embroiled in an adventure involving the bizarre last will and testament of eccentric millionaire Carl Verril (WF No. 99: "Batman’s Super-Spending Spree!"). In later months, they do battle with The Atom-Master (WF No. 101, May 1959: "The Menace of the Atom-Master!") and apprehend the Jo-Jo Groff gang (WF No. 102, Jun 1959: "The Caveman from Krypton!").

In August 1959, Batman, Robin and Superman join forces to outwit Atkins and Bork (WF No. 103: "The Secret of the Sorcerer’s Treasure!"). In November 1959, Batman, Robin and Superman match wits with the evil Khalex (WF No. 105: "The Alien Superman!!") and in December join forces to defeat the Duplicate Man (WF No. 106: "The Duplicate Man!"). At the suggestion of Batman and Robin, Superman feeds photographic data concerning life on the planet Krypton into the Super-Univac in his Fortress of Solitude together with the question, “What would Superman’s other life have been, if Krypton had not exploded?” The answer according to the Super-Univac, is that much about Superman’s might-have-been life would had paralleled his real one, with Superman eventually acquiring super-powers on his native planet and assuming the role of Krypton’s super-hero (S No. 132, Oct 1959: "Superman’s Other Life!" pts I-III).

In February 1960, the team of Batman, Robin and Superman annihilates an awesomely destructive "creature of energy" spawned by the "alien gases" of a "strange fireball" from outer space (WF No. 107: "The Secret of the Time Creature!"). They later meet an alien movie producer from the planet Kzotl (WF No. 108, Mar 1960: "The Star Creatures!") and become embroiled in a bizarre adventure involving a centuries-old trap set by the sorcerer Fangan (WF No. 109, May 1960: "The Bewitched Batman!"). In June 1960, Superman and Batman team up to battle and defeat an extraterrestrial alien who has stolen part of Robin’s life force (WF No. 110: "The Alien who Doomed Robin!"). In August 1960, Batman, Robin and Superman join forces to apprehend Floyd Frisby (WF No. 111, Aug 1960: "Superman’s Secret Kingdom!"). Next, they journey to the planet Zoron for an encounter with the evil Chorn (WF No. 114, Dec 1960: "Captives of the Space Globes!").

In February 1961, Batman, Robin and Superman thwart an elaborate scheme by a gang of criminals to steal $500,000 in contributions earmarked for the Children’s Charity Fund (WF No. 115: "The Curse that Doomed Superman!"), then in March 1961, Batman, Robin and Superman encounter the weirdly transformed Vance Collins (WF No. 116: "The Creature from Beyond!").

In June 1961, Superman employs the alias of the Alchemist (Batman No. 140: "{The Charmed Life of Batman!") and joins forces with Batman and Robin to thwart the dictatorial ambitions of Vathgar (WF No. 118: "The Creature That Was Exchanged for Superman!") and after a weird mixture of "upper atmosphere" gas samples in a Gotham City laboratory has temporarily transformed Batman into a colossal giant, Superman helps Batman protect the secret of his duel identity by disguising himself as Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alter ego and standing in for Wayne at a community fund dinner (Detective Comics No. 292: "The Colossus of Gotham City!"). In August 1961, Batman, Robin and Superman thwart the sinister schemes of General Grambly (WF No. 119: "The Secret of Tigerman!") and in November 1961, Batman, Robin and Superman battle the villainous Xanu (WF No. 121: "The Mirror Batman!"). In September 1961, Batman, Robin and Superman defeat an unidentified criminal who has managed to bring to life three enchanted beings, all originally created by the ancient alchemist Albertus, who proceed to temporarily steal several of Superman’s super-powers (WF No. 120: "The Challenge of the Faceless Creatures!").

In March 1962, Batman, Robin and Superman help the young alien hero Logi defeat his archenemies Hroguth, Sklur, Hansh (WF No. 124: “The Mystery of the Alien Super-Boy!”), and then thwart the sinister machinations of Jundy (WF No. 125, May 1962: “The Hostages On the Island of Doom!”). At a later date, Batman, Robin and Superman do battle with Zerno, a sorcerer from another planet (WF No. 127, Aug 1962: “The Sorcerer from the Stars!”). In September 1962, they team up to do battle with Moose Morans, Silky Steve, Sparkles Garnet and their gangs while Batman undergoes a bizarre transformation as a result of being exposed to Red Kryptonite (WF No. 128: “The Power That Transformed Batman!”). Later, in order to stop a strange star-shaped monster from destroying the Earth, Superman must journey to four different planets while Batman and Robin must join a traveling circus in space (WF No. 130, Dec 1962: “Riddle of the Four Planets!”).

In February 1963, Batman, Robin and Superman do battle with the Octopus (WF No. 131: “The Mystery of the Crimson Avenger!”) then in March 1963, Batman, Robin and Superman capture Denny Kale and Shorty Biggs (WF No. 132: “Batman and Robin, Medieval Bandits!”) later in June 1963, Batman, Robin and Superman do battle with the Band of Super-Villains (WF No. 134: “The Band of Super-Villains!”). The heroes meet Jon Durr during a time traveling journey into the future (WF No. 135, Aug 1963: “The Menace of Future Man!”).

In December 1963, Batman, Robin and Superman defeat General Grote (WF No. 138: “The Secret of the Captive Caveman!”) and later in February 1964, team up to battle the Sphinx Gang (WF No. 139: “The Ghost of Batman!”). In November 1964, Batman, Robin and Superman thwart the evil schemes of the masters of the planet Vor (WF No. 145: “Prison for Heroes!”) and then in December, Batman, Robin and Superman learn the incredible story of Dr. Thomas Ellison (WF No. 146: “Batman, Son of Krypton!”). In February 1965, Superman and Batman struggle to aid Robin and Jimmy Olsen, whose minds have been taken over and possessed by some weirdly glowing jewels from a distant planet (WF No. 147: “The New Terrific Team!” and ““The Doom of Jimmy Olsen and Robin!”).

In March 1965, Batman and Superman are temporary catapulted into a bizarre “Parallel-World...a world that’s almost like Earth in every way, but in which history had a different course than on Earth!” On this world, the counterparts of Batman and Superman are master criminals (see below - The Batmen of Parallel-Worlds!).


In March 1966, Bizarro creates a Bizarro-Batman to form the world’s worst team (WF No.156, Mar 1966: “The Federation of Bizarro Idiots”). In September 1966, Batman and Superman and Robin team up to battle Dr. Zodiac (WF No. 160: “The Fatal Forecasts of Dr. Zodiac” and “The Unholy Horoscopes”). In March 1967, Superman, Batman and Robin defeat the gang lord King Wolff (WF No. 165: “The Crown of Crime”) then in November 1967, they team up again to thwart the evil plans of Victor Stark (WF No. 171: “The Executioner’s List”). Later in February 1968, Superman and Batman face off against Dr. Arron, a criminal chemist who creates a formula that turns Batman and Superman into Two-Face and Kralik the Conqueror (WF No. 173: “The Jekyll-Hyde Heroes”). In March 1968, Superman and Batman do battle with robot versions of themselves (WF No. 174: “Secret of the Double Death-Wish”) and later fend off the Superman Revenge Squad and Batman Revenge Squad (WF No. 175, May 1968: “The Superman-Batman Revenge Squads”).

Batman and Superman turn their attention to the nefarious actions of the Mafia and its local leader, Karl Lukas, in an adventure that puts Robin and Jimmy Olsen in danger (WF No. 194, Jun 1970: "Inside the Mafia Gang!"; WF No. 195, Aug 1970: "Dig Now, Die Later!"). Soon after, K.C. Jones and his minions attempt to rob a train hauling Kryptonite (WF No. 196, Sep 1970: "The Kryptonite Express!") and Batman and Lois Lane help Superman thwart a criminal hoping to raise an ancient power with the help of a rogue Superman Robot (WF No. 202, May 1971: "Vengeance of the Tomb-Thing!"). Batman uses his detective abilities to spoil a plan of Justice League of America adversary Dr. Light to kill Superman (WF No. 207, Nov 1971: "A Matter of Light and Death!").

Supergirl joins Batman and Superman when a group called the Krush arrive on Earth to hunt down a criminal whose only crime is dissent with the alien's philosophy of war (WF No. 211, May 1972: "Fugitive from the Stars!"). In 1973, Superman and Batman defeat the mentalist Capricorn (WF No. 218, Jul/Aug 1973: "Who is Capricorn?") and later stop a criminal from acquiring Nazi gold in South America (WF No. 219, Sep/Oct 1973: "The Prisoner of Rogues Rock!"; WF No. 220, Dec 1973: "Let No Man Write My Epitaph!").

The mighty team travels to Scotland and the home of the ancestral Wayne family to investigate paranormal problems (WF No. 225, Sep/Oct 1974: Bow Before Satans's Children!") and in another adventure, attempt a rescue only to be beaten by Metamorpho - who has already replicated their abilities within himself (WF No. 226, Nov/Dec 1974: "The Freak Who Never Fails!"). Batman and Superman stop a Tibetan mystic (WF No. 232, Sep 1975: "The Dream Bomb!") and have an adventure in orbit above the earth (WF No. 234, Dec 1975: "The Family That Fled Earth!").

In January 1976, the Caped Crusaders and the Man of Steel stop the magician known as Sagittarius from revealing Superman's identity (WF No. 235: "Superman's Stolen Birthday!"). Soon after, they are helped by the Atom when tiny invaders called "germ people" infect human beings (WF No. 236, Mar 1976: "Killers Come in All Sizes!"). The Metal Men aid them in July of 1976 (WF No. 239: "The UFOs That Stole the USA!"). In a Kandorian adventure, Superman begins to act so strangely that Batman is asked to kill him (WF No. 240, Sep 1976: "How Do You Kill a Superman?"). Superman and Batman travel with citizens aboard a space ship and even live with them on a new planet for a time (WF No. 241, Oct 1976: "Make Way for a New World!") and are joined by Robin to solve a puzzling problem brought to them by the Twelve Immortals (WF No. 244, Feb 1977: "We Are Not Alone!"). Batman and Superman next foil an evil plot to kill every living person on Earth (WF No. 244, May/Jun 1977: "Three Billion Targets!").

Superman and Batman uncover a plot to replace the world's most important leaders with clones (WF No. 248, Dec/Jan 1978: "The Lurkers!") and team with the Phantom Stranger in their next adventure (WF No. 249, Feb/Mar 1978: "The Vampire of Steel!"). The heroes stop the disembodied brain of Boss Dyke after aliens transplant it into a monster (WF No. 251, Jun/Jul 1978: "Invasion of the Deathless Brain!") and help save the reputation of Perry White (WF No. 252, Sug/Sep 1978: "Will of the Whisperer!"), and Bruce Wayne is called upon to play the role of a prince in a wedding (WF No. 253, Oct/Nov 1978: "The Third Face is Death!). In February/March 1979, Superman and Batman travel to a small town where evil cult members are summoning a strange and ancient spirit of the bat (WF No. 255, "Thou Shall Have No Other Batman Before Me!"). They then grapple with Lar-On, escaped from the Phantom Zone and possessing qualities that turn him into a raging beast similar to an earth werewolf (WF No. 256, Apr/May 1979: "The Werewolf from Krypton!"). They later discover that Lar-On has passed his tendency on to others, even changing Batman into a "were-bat" (WF No. 258, Aug/Sep 1979: "The Curse of Krypton!").

Batman helps Superman solve the problem of a homeless Metropolis woman who gains the power of wish fulfillment (WF No. 257, Jul 1979: "The Innocent Who Hated!") and teams with him again to investigate the mystery of why citizens are fleeing Gotham City for Metropolis (WF No. 259, Nov 1979: Gotham City - Ghost City!"). In their next adventure, Batman is helped by Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane in tricking aliens to release a hostage Superman (WF No. 260, Dec/Jan 1980: "The Four Billion Supermen of Earth!"). The heroes team with a young blind girl to stop a criminal with radioactive powers (WF No. 262, Apr/May 1980: "The Power of the Pi-Meson Man!") and later, Batman and Superman rescue Robin from Simon Magnus (WF No. 265, Nov 1980: "Magic Menace This Way Comes!"). In 1981, Superman and Batman must battle Lady Lunar, an astronaut with the same powers as Moonman (WF No. 266, Dec/Jan 1981: "The Last Laugh of Lady Lunar!"). The heroes accept the assignment of freeing the Challengers of the Unknown so that a terrorist can be stopped (WF No. 267, Feb/Mar 1981: When Strikes the Gravity Masters!") and foil the thefts of Dr. Zodiac (WF No. 268, May 1981: "The Twelve Coins of Power!"). Zodiac returns in a plot that involves not only Batman and Superman, but the entire Justice League of America (WF No. 285- No. 287, Nov 1982 - Jan 1983: "Deliver Us From Evil"; "When Hell Breaks Loose"; "Within My Heart, The Enemy"). In June/July 1981, Superman and Robin race against time to rescue a trapped Batman (WF No. 269: "Buried Alive!"). Superman and Batman battle a powerful enemy bent on killing Superman after learning that the same villain fought their counterparts on Earth-2 (WF No. 271, Sep 1981: "The Secret Origins of the Superman and Batman Team!"). Next, they face the threat of the Weapon-Master (WF No. 272-274, Oct-Dec 1981: "Assault on the Fortress of Solitude!"; "Citadel of the Weapon-Master!"; "Greater Love Hath No Man").

The super team joins Hawkman in an adventure on Thanagar (WF No. 278, Apr 1982: "Assault on Thanagar!") and must face a serious threat when military villains form the Army of Crime (WF No. 279-281, May-Jul 1982: "Kidnapped!"; "General Scarr's Army of Crime!"; "War in the Streets!"). Batman and Superman travel to the beginnings of human evolution in August of 1982 (WF No. 282: "The Joy-Bringers!") and weird probes from outer space puzzle them until they figure out their true meaning (WF No. 289, Mar 1983: "The Kryll Way of Dying!"). In April and May of 1983 the heroes battle a being of solid rock who wants to activate a volcano (WF No. 290-291: "The Man With the Molten Touch!"; "The Strange Saga of Stalagron!"). The Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader foil a plot to release deadly pathogens (WF No. 292, Jun 1983: "The Anthrax Hotline!") and stop the strange threats of Null and Void - beings with the power to deaden sound and light (WF No. 293, Jul 1983: "Friends").

===Confronting the Super-Villains===

Superman teams with the Dynamic Duo in many exploits against master criminals that usually only plague himself or Batman and Robin in isolation. They foil the plans of the The Joker and Luthor, who appear to have "reformed" but are instead involved in a villainous plan to create plundering robots (WF No. 88, May/Jun 1957: "Superman's and Batman's Greatest Foes!"). Luthor and the Joker attempt another alliance, with no better results ((WF No. 129, Nov 1962: "Joker-Luthor, Incorporated!").

In May-June 1958, Batman, Robin and Superman battle Lex Luthor (WF No. 94: “The Origin of the Superman-Batman Team!”). The Caped Crusaders help Superman when Luthor subjugates the people of Kandor (WF No. 100, Mar 1959: "The Dictator of Krypton City!") and are able to defeat a super-powered Batwoman empowered during another gambit by Lex Luthor (WF No. 117, May 1961: "The Super-Batwoman and the Super-Creature!"). In September 1959, Batwoman teams with Batman to help derail another plot by Lex Luthor to destroy Superman (WF No. 104, Sep 1959: “The Plot to Destroy Superman!”). Luthor also creates a very dangerous enemy, the Negative Superman, that tests the abilities of Superman, Batman, and Robin (WF No. 126, Jun 1962: "The Negative Superman!"). Luthor confounds Batman when he attempts to auction the apparently dead Superman's organs to crime bosses (WF No. 189, Nov 1969: "The Man with Superman's Heart!"). Batman later aids Superman when Luthor tries a strange twist and uses Red Kryptonite to morph the Man of Steel into a duplicate of himself (SA No. 9, 1983: "Villain, Villain, Who's Got the Villain?").

The heroic team stifles Clayface (WF No. 140, Mar 1964: "The Clayface Superman!") and is aided by Jimmy Olsen when battling the combination of Clayface and Brainiac (WF No. 144, Sep 1964: "The 1,001 Tricks of Clayface and Brainiac!"). Clayface menaces the heoes again at a much later date ( WF No. 264, Aug/Sep 1980: "Vengeance of the Altered Man!"). In February 1967, Brainiac creates a female computer-being, Genia, to help him steal five cities of Earth for his collection and to battle Superman, Batman and Robin (WF No. 164: “Brainiac’s Super Brain-Child”).

Examples of other villains that decide to challenge the combined power of Superman and Batman are Parasite (WF No. 247, Oct/Nov 1977: "Last Hurrah for a Superman!"), Sinestro (WF No. 254, Dec 1978: "Whom Gods Would Destroy!"), the team of the Penguin and Terra-Man (WF No. 261, Feb/Mar 1980: "Showdown at Gotham City!"), Metallo (WF No. 270, Aug 1981: "A Hole for Killing!"), and Mr. Freeze (WF No. 275, Jan 1982: "Summer Nights, Winter Days"). In February of 1982, Dr. X strikes in an adventure that also involves the Joker and Two-Face (WF No. 276: "Double X Means Double Death!").

At the mercy of the Composite Superman

Probably the most fearsome opponent to engage the World's Mightiest Team is the Composite Superman, a transformed mortal with the powers of the entire 30th century Legion of Super-Heroes at his disposal. Superman and Batman are lucky to defeat this enemy, one of the most powerful known in the chronicles of either hero (WF No. 142, Jun 1964: The Origin of the Composite Superman!” and WF No. 168, Aug 1967: "The Return of the Composite Superman!"). Years later, a second Composite Superman, calling himself Amalgamax, returns and it takes the combination of Superman, Batman, and the Legion of Super Heroes to stop him (WF No. 283, Sep 1982: "Prologue"; WF No. 284, Oct 1982: "I - Amalgamax").

===The Competitive Spirit Between the Heroes===

In addition to crushing criminal plans, Superman and Batman also show signs of occasional competitiveness, for example, challenging each other to determine the other's secret identity after being subject to an Amnesia Machine (WF No. 149, May 1965: "The Game of Super Identities") and an adventure in which Superman dares Batman to discover the true identity of "Nightman" - a fictional character The Man of Steel creates in Batman's mind by using mind-control (WF No. 155, Feb 1966: "Exit Batman - Enter Nightman!"). The partners get in the game when Superman and Jimmy Olsen square off against Batman and Robin in an annual duel of wits competition (WF No. 175, May 1968: “The Superman-Batman Revenge Squads”).

Earlier, Superman engages in a contest with Batman to determine who can do the most super-heroic deeds in a given amount of time (WF No. 76, May/Jun 1955: “When Gotham City Challenged Metropolis!” - see: Professor Vohr). Once, aliens interested in the relative merits of the two, manipulate Superman and Batman into squaring-off after granting Batman super powers (WF No. 95, Jul/Aug 1958: "The Battle of the Super-Heroes!").

Often, the heroes tease each other with mysteries, for example, in June 1958, Superman begins receiving taunting messages from an anonymous adversary who can enter and leave his Fortress of Solitude at will and who has clearly penetrated the secret of his duel identity. The mysterious intruder, however, turns out to be none other than Batman, who had decided to present his friend Superman with the enigma of an anonymous adversary as his good-humored way of helping the Man of Steel celebrate “the anniversary of Superman’s arrival on Earth from the planet Krypton!” (Act No. 241: “The Super-Key to Fort Superman!”).

Batman copes with an inferiority complex at one time - to alleviate this, Superman and Jimmy Olsen take Batman and Robin to Kandor, to fight crime in a place where no one has super powers (WF No. 143, Aug 1964: "The Feud Between Superman and Batman!"). In one instance, Batman and Superman take different sides in an "alien" conflict--with Batman requesting Supergirl's help and Superman being aided by Batgirl--but the entire situation is actually a charade set-up by dying actor Ronald Jason hoping to engineer his greatest performance (WF No. 176, Jun 1968: "The Superman-Batman Split!").

===The Magical Trouble Makers===

Superman and Batman are sometimes beset by the mischief of Mr. Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite, such as when the bothersome imps combine forces and impersonate Supergirl and Batgirl (WF No. 169, Sep 1967: "The Supergirl-Batgirl Plot!").

The magical pests also cause nuisance in earlier adventures (WF No. 113, Nov 1960: "Bat-Mite Meets Mr. Mxyzptlk!"; WF No. 123: Feb 1962: "The Incredible Team of Bat-Mite and Mr. Mxyzptlk!"; and WF No. 152: Sep 1965: "The Colossal Kids!").

The Batmen of Parallel-Worlds!

In September 1963, Batman encounters an extra dimensional Superman during an unplanned visit to a parallel world (WF No. 136: “The Batman that Nobody Remembered!”). (See Red Raven)

In March 1965, Batman and Superman are temporary catapulted into a bizarre “Parallel-world… a world that’s almost like Earth in every way, but in which history had a different course than on Earth!” On this parallel world, the counterparts of Batman and Superman are master criminals; Robin is Batman partner in crime; Jonathan and Martha Kent were notorious criminals in their day, as was Thomas Wayne, the father of Batman; Lex Luthor and Clayface are renowned champions of law and justice; Jimmy Olsen is Lex Luthor’s Pal and Perry White is a prosecuting attorney. During their stay in this parallel world, Batman and Superman help their fellow lawmen, Lex Luthor and Clayface, apprehend the evil Batman and Superman before departing home (WF No. 148: “Superman and Batman… Outlaws!”).

In December 1965, in an imaginary tale, Lois Lane appears as the wife of Clark Kent and Kathy Kane appears as the wife of Bruce Wayne (WF No. 154: “The Sons of Superman and Batman!” and “The Junior Super-team!”).

In November 1966, The Jousting Master tricks Superman and Batman into coming into the past in an alternate time line and parallel Earth to battle so-called alien duplicates of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. As it turns out, Superman and Batman instead defeats the originals, which on this Earth, have amazing super-powers. Ultimately, Superman and Batman bring The Jousting Master to justice and restore peace on this Earth (WF No. 162: “Pawns of the Jousting Master” & “The Capture of Camelot”).

(See Also: Batman of Earth-2; Batman of Earth-E)

The Bat-Family


The Batman Family includes the following heroes: the original Robin (Nightwing), the next Robin, Batwoman and her side-kick Bat-Girl (Betty Kane), Ace, the Bat-Hound, and Batgirl. Alfred is also a valued member of the team.

Often, the Superman Family, especially Jimmy Olsen and occasionally Supergirl participate in the same missions and cases with Batman and those closest to him. Supergirl often teams with Batgirl and Jimmy Olsen and Robin form the Olsen-Robin Team on many occasions.

The Batcave

The subterranean cavern, situated beneath the mansion of millionaire Bruce Wayne, which serves as the secret crime fighting headquarters of Batman and Robin. The Batplane and the Batmobile are housed there, along with trophies of the Dynamic Duo’s past cases and a vast array of specialized equipment. (TGSB)

The Equipment


The unique airplane, specially designed and equipped, which is the principal aircraft employed by Batman and Robin. (TGSB)


The unique automobile, specially designed and equipped, which is the principal land vehicle employed by Batman and Robin. (TGSB)

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