Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln

The sixteenth President of the United States.

In a December 1960 account, Superboy journeys back in time in an attempt to prevent Lincoln's assassination. Materializng in Washington D.C. on April 14, 1865, Superboy searches for Lincoln using his super-vision. Spotting a hotel clerk's note referring to "Mr. L.", the Boy of Steel rushes to the indicated room only to be confronted by the adult Lex Luthor who is hiding-out in the past to escape Superman. Surprised, and unaware of Lincoln's impending death, Luthor exposes Superboy to a fragment of Red Kryptonite which has the temporary effect of rendering the young hero immobile and incapable of speech. Unable to divulge his mission, Superboy must stand passively by while history takes its course and Lincoln is shot by John Wilkes Booth a short distance away. Realizing his mistake, Luthor is full of regret: "Why did fate choose me to prevent Superboy from saving the life of a great man? I'm responsible for many crimes, but this is the worst of all! Lincoln's blood is on my hands ...! I-I'm sorry ...sorry...sorry..." (SB No. 85/2: "The Impossible Mission").

See also Superman I, Superman II, and Superman III.

(Note: On the parallel world of Earth-3, Abraham Lincoln is the actor who assassinates President John Wilkes Booth. This series of events is the exact reverse of the way in which they actually play out in most of the other parallel universes.)

Abraham Lincoln has appeared in the following stories:

  • S No. 48, Sep/Oct 1947: "Autograph, Please!"
  • S No. 146, Jul 1961: "Superman's Greatest Feats!"
  • Adv No. 297, Jun 1962: "The Bizarro Who Goofed Up History!"
  • Adv No. 383, Aug 1969: "Please Stop My Funeral!"
  • Act No. 399, Apr 1971: "Superman, You're Dead... Dead... Dead"
  • S No. 283, Jan 1975: "One of Our Imps is Missing!"

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