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The seventh planet from the sun.

According to World's Finest Comics No. 42, Uranus is a planet populated entirely by robots (Sep/Oct 1949: “The Alphabetical Animal Adventure!”).

In September-October 1949 a band of robot aliens from the planet Uranus -- who are “touring the solar system to secure specimens [of] animal life from each planet for Uranus' new Interplanetary Zoo” -- orbit the Earth in their saucerlike spacecraft while using an ingenious “transport-ray” to capture various specimens of earthian wildlife and transport them into the hold of their spacecraft. Superman assists the aliens in the animal roundup but tricks them into agreeing to depart without a specimen of either a man or a woman by duping them into believing that earthling, like Uranians, are merely robots and hence valueless as exhibits in an Uranian zoo (WF No. 42: “The Alphabetical Animal Adventure!”).

In July 1958 Superman journeys to Uranus to obtain the fossil of an extinct six-legged Uranian horse, and later to Ariel, one of Uranus's moons, to obtain an exotic rainbow-hued flower. These are but two of a series of eight so-called “space trophies” which the Man of Steel gathers during this period for inclusion in a time capsule which the Metropolis Museum plans to bury in the ground as a gift for the people of the fiftieth century A.D. (S No. 122/1: “The Secret of the Space Souvenirs”). (TGSB)


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