Ultraman of Earth-3

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Ultraman of Earth-3

Ultraman is an evil counterpart to Superman and hails from Earth-3, one of the many Parallel-Worlds Superman encounters in his adventures. In the Earth-3 universe, Jur-Ll sends his son from his planet Krypton to Earth-3. There, on exposure to kryptonite (the source of this kryptonite is unknown, since this universe's Krypton did not explode), he gains extraordinary powers and becomes the villain Ultraman. Ultraman gains new super powers with repeated contact with kryptonite. He becomes a member of the supervillain group called the Crime Syndicate of America.

Ultraman is first documented in Justice League of America No. 29, Aug 1964: "Crisis on Earth-Three!" and is chronicled in DCCP Annual No. 1, 1982: "Crisis on Three Earths!".

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