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User Guide: Try looking around over here for help on how to use wikimedia, ie, this interface.

New articles: If you are entering a new article at Supermanica from another source, please only use The Great Superman Book or write your own article using the comic books themselves (see canonical sources) as reference. Do not copy the new article from other online encyclopedias.

Please also try to be consistent with the writing style of The Great Superman Book. Note that all articles should be written in the present tense, regardless of what year(s) the events therein may have occurred.

Guidelines: Here are some guidelines for entering an article from The Great Superman Book:

When an entry name is reversed, like "HALEY, JOHN" unreverse it into "John Haley." This is to be consistent with how online encyclopedias are structured. Also normalize the capitalization.

If an entry in The Great Superman Book contains words in small-caps, like

"An alien from the far-distant planet THORON,
once befriended by JOR-EL after crash-landing

this means that those words refer to other entries in the book. These should now become "internal links" so that the segment would read:

"An alien from the far-distant planet Thoron,
once befriended by Jor-El after crash-landing
on Krypton"

again, also normalize the capitalization.

And that's it!

If you're extending an existing entry, there are now additional abbreviations for the additional comic book titles. Please use these abbrevations (see canonical sources for a list of the abbreviations).

Since this is for the history books, please also convert two digit year abbreviations to the full four digits. For instance, if a reference reads

(WF No. 159, Aug '66: "The Cape and Cowl Crooks!")

please enter it as

(WF No. 159, Aug 1966: "The Cape and Cowl Crooks!")
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