Superman Robot-in-Training

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Supermanrobot training.jpg

Superman Robot-In-Training

When Lex Luthor robs Fort Knox in June 1961, it is the Superman Robot-in-Training, "a newly-built" Superman Robot who responds, streaking from the Fortress of Solitude after "a special alarm emits an emergency signal." Thinking the robot is the real Superman and thus vulnerable to kryptonite, Luthor bombards the automaton with glowing balls of "Synthetic Kryptonite" launched from his Battle Wagon. Feigning vulnerability, the robot allows Luthor to escape with the gold. However, upon learning the next day that he has defeated a robot and not the actual Superman, Luthor returns the gold to Fort Knox. For his part, the Superman Robot-in-Training is distraught, his urge to fight crime at odds with the programmed commands set in his "electronic brain" that instruct him to "always react to kryptonite" as Superman would. Superman consoles his creation, telling him, "You did your job well!" and allowing the robot to join his brethren (Act No. 277/1: "The Conquest of Superman!").

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