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DC Comics Presents No. 87

Superboy of Earth-Prime

The Superboy of Earth-Prime (aka Superboy-Prime) is the last survivor of that universe's Krypton and one of the few super-beings in Earth-Prime's history. During the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Superman met this young version of himself on Earth-Prime, helping the boy discover his Kryptonian origin and thwart an alien invasion (DCCP No. 87/1, Nov 1985: "Year of the Comet").

This universe's baby Kal-El was sent to Earth with Jor-El's experimental transporter beam, and was found by a young married couple, Jerry and Naomi Kent. Naomi named the boy Clark (her maiden name minus a final "e"), fully realizing what a child named Clark Kent would go through in a world where Superman was a comic book character. This Clark grew into a normal, non-superpowered teenager on the New England coast, until the summer of 1985, when during a beachside costume party he suddenly found himself flying and meeting a dimensionally-displaced Superman in space (DCCP No. 87/2, Nov 1985: "The Origin of Superboy-Prime!").

Superboy-Prime exhibited many of the powers of his Earth-1 counterpart, although his limitations remained untested in his brief appearances. He was unaffected by artificial red sun radiation, but was never exposed to an actual red sun after his powers manifested.

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