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The Babe of Steel

The infant Kal-El. Although tales of Superman's early life are now referred to as "Superbaby stories," Superbaby was not his official name at the time, and his presence was generally unknown; Clark Kent's first secret identity was Superboy. He is also sometimes refered to as Super-Tot.

Reference and Usage:

"There had been rumors floating around the region about a super-powered tot almost since the day of young Clark's arrival on Earth. At parties, on hayrides, in local newspaper offices and the like, people would swear that they had seen a three-year-old boy punch a timber wolf and fly away. Or people would tell about others they knew who told some such story.

With each rash of new super-baby sightings there invariably seemed to follow an outbreak of tales of a werewolf in some cavern, or a 100-year-old Indian medicine man who hid out in the woods, or the old reliable flying saucers." (LSOK, Ch. 11)

Some of Superbaby's appearances

  • (SB No. 8, May-Jun 1950: "When Superboy was a Superbaby!")
  • (S No. 73, Nov-Dec 1951: "The Mighty Mite!")
  • (SB No. 26, Jun-Jul 1953: "The Super-Tot of Smallville!")
  • (S No. 90, Jun 1954: "Superman's Secret Past!")
  • (Adv No. 221, Feb 1956: "The Babe of Steel!")
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